In February 2021, I had the chance to explore Tanzania and Zanzibar.

A 10-day trip to Tanzania can be so fulfilling. Tanzania has everything that travelers look for. From beautiful beaches and islands like Zanzibar to wildlife reserves and high mountains. The best time to visit Tanzania is from June to September. So, if you are planning to head over and spent the best family time, here is a full guide to your 10-day itinerary.

  • Zanzibar:

When we talk about Tanzania, you cannot miss Zanzibar. Walking on slippery rocks for hundreds of meters is not your typical boat tour experience. Zanzibar is both adventurous and beautiful. Snorkeling is definitely the thing for you if you love adventure. Otherwise, just relax and calm yourself on the beautiful Spice Island.

The magnificent villas and the different beaches on the Islands make it a picturesque destination. Do relax, but don’t forget to capture the beauties of Zanzibar.

  • Tarangire National park:

The Tarangire national park has the 2nd– highest wildlife concentration in the country. Furthermore, it is one of the largest populations of elephants in the world. But, you can see other wildlife animals like zebras, gazelles, wildebeest, giraffes, etc. Moreover, there is a pretty good chance that you spot lions and cheetahs too. It’s one of the best things to do in Tanzania.

  • Ngorongoro Conservation Area:

The UNESCO World Heritage site is definitely worthy of your time. This vast land offers plains, woodlands, lakes, and volcanos. Also, there are some of the best viewpoints that you cannot miss on your 10 days trips. Apart from breathtaking views, the Safari is quite popular. We recommend spending the afternoon on a walking safari on the rim of the crater.

  • Serengeti

Plenty of lions, giraffes, ostriches, and hippos welcome you. Along with exploring wildlife, you can explore nature here as well. Although the drive is pretty long-reaching Mara river will take away all your tiredness. Enjoy a well-deserved beer with the beautiful sunset and magnificent views.

  • Gombe Stream National park:

Located on the shores of Lake Tanganyika in western Tanzania is popular as a game reserve. The main attraction is definitely the 100-plus chimps. Apart from viewing the creatures, you can do trekking and swimming here. Also, the tropical forest holds a lot more than just chimps.

  • Mount Kilimanjaro:

While in Tanzania, you cannot miss climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the tallest freestanding mountain. There is no wildlife but you can see the majestic snowcapped mountains in awe.

  • Lake Natron:

The Arusha region of Tanzania has Lake Natron. Lake Natron is popular because of the high levels of alkalinity. The pinky-red hue of the lake can awestruck you if flamingos and other salt-loving micro-organisms failed to do so.

Other Things to Do in Tanzania:

The enormous diversity of landscape and flora stretching across Tanzania offers a lot more opportunities. You can go bird, watching, explore the stone town and lake Victoria. Manyara National Park, Mafia Island is also worthy of your time. Make sure to enjoy every bit of time spent in Tanzania.


A 10 day trip to Tanzania is enough to enjoy the luxuries and beauties. The wildlife of Tanzania, culture, and history attracts tourist every year. And, it holds everything that someone might have on their bucket list. To cut off most of the things on your bucket list, Tanzania is the best place.

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So much to see, so little time? No worries! Make the most of your 10-day itinerary and enjoy what Tanzania holds for you.

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